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has 3 worlds 1 2 & 3

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In awesome magic mooses you play a 4vs4 multiplayer game, where the goal is to defeat the king. Work togheter to complete this mission before the other team does. How is this game different then other multiplayer games you might ask? Mortume focuses heavily on teamwork. While in other games one player can single handly win the entire game, here you truly need to work togheter to win.

awsum magic moosese offers the player to chose from four unique classes.

The warrior - Easily the strongest class in combat. Use your sword to kill your enemies.

The hunter - While still an excellent fighter he can use his expertise to gather rescourses to the team. An example is meat from killing a fallow deer, which can be eaten to restore health.

The wizard - Uses his magic to support his team in many ways. Summon a raven and use it to scout the enemy territory. Or you can use your lightning spell you deal massive damage.

The craftsman - This class has no direct way of attacking his enemy. But he should not be underestimated. The craftsman can gather iron and gold, both which are crucial for the warrior and the wizard. In a fight he can use his smoke to create a distraction.



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